viernes, 12 de abril de 2019

Revision Unit 5 (2nd ESO)

Stages of life, comparative /superlative of adverbs, can / could?...still in need of revision? Well, this is for your!

One-star exercises

Two-star exercises

Three-star exercises

Revision Unit 4 - 6th Primary

Here's some revision about what you've seen in Unit 4.

Revision 1

Revision 2

Is it TO + INFINITIVE or ING? - Learn English Grammar (4th ESO + Bachill)

Good explanation about verbs with a different meaning depending on what they are followed by (try, remember, forget, stop...). When are they followed by -ing? When are they followed by "to + infinitive"? 

How to use 'Have' / 'Has' / 'Have Had' / 'Had Had' (The EASY Way!) - Lea...

jueves, 11 de abril de 2019

Gerund or To + Infinitive (4th ESO - El Castro)

Here's the PPTX we saw today in class. Remember to summarize the main ideas from it (assignment to be handed in on 23rd April).

Click here to download 

Present Continuous

To revise Present Continuous, try these ONLINE EXERCISES

Affirmative Pres. Continuous, click here

Present Continuous (affirm, negat, questions, translation), click here

lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Daily Routines

Still in need of some practice to help you study the daily routines?? How about trying out these ONLINE activities?

Daily routines: actions  (very easy)

Ryan's typical day

Food and drink - How to write a cooking recipe (Unit 4 - 5ºPrim)

Vocabulary about Healthy food (and also some unhealthy food...) and cooking recipes

Click here to download

Crime and Criminals (3rd ESO)

Are you in need of all type of vocabulary related to Crime and Punishment? Well, here it is!

Crime vocabulary (flashcards) 

Crime and Punishment (definitions, examples and translation) 

 Image result for Crime vocabulary

Revision Unit 5 - 1st ESO (UPDATED)

Do you need to revise some more? Well, this is a good way!

One-star worksheet

Two-star worksheet

Three-star worksheet