viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

The Weather

Nice revision of The weather.

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HOw about an ONLINE GAME?

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How old are you?

Please, stop making the same mistake again and again!! In English, you say your age by using the verb "to be", not "to have"!!

Points of the Compass (6th Prim)

North, south, east and west...What are they? Is my city in the north? Maybe in the north-west?...I'm not sure... let's practise!

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What's the weather like? (5th Prim)

Online activities to revise the weather.

Practice 1 

Practice 2 

Revision Unit 1 (5º Prim)

Here it is... Excellent if you want to revise for the exam!

Reinforcement exercises Unit 1

Extension Exercises Unit 1

Revision Unit 1 (6th Prim)

Good exercises to revise Unit 1!

Reinforcement exercises unit 1

Extension Exercises Unit 1

Personal information (6th Prim) UPDATED

A chart with personal information (what's your name, how old are you, where are you from?, what do you do for a living?, ...) and examples + exercises.

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Telling the time (ONLINE EXERCISES)

To practise telling the time, do these ONLINE exercises!

What time is it?, click here

More times, click here

A game about times, click here

Pronunciation /-ed/ (Past tense)

How do we pronounce the regular verbs when we add the "-ed"? Well, click here and Mrs Regular Verbs will tell you!!

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Revision Starter Unit - 5th Primary

Just a few exercises to revise countries, nationalities and ordinal numbers. Really easy!

Reinforcement Starter Unit