martes, 5 de febrero de 2019

Pronunciation of English Plurals /-s, -es/ and Past /-ed/ (Bachill)

Come on! Plural endings and Past ones are not that difficult! However, if you need to revise how to pronounce them properly...this is for you!

Pronunciation English plurals and -ed 

Tips to write a Discussion Essay (3rd / 4th ESO)

Do you need some advice to write a good discussion essay? 

Click here and get help

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2019

Listening activity: answering machine messages (1ºESO)

Good listening activity to practice this skill:

1 Click here to start: Listen, click on the words and place them in the correct gap.

2 Click here to start 

3 Click here to start 

Linking words: showing CONTRAST, REASON AND RESULT (ESO -Bachillerato)

Here's some help with words such as: in spite of, despite, however, nevertheless, for example, because of, ...

Connectors: reasons and results

Connectors: adding, summarizing, organizing

Family (6th Prim) UPDATED

To revise some vocabulary about "family"

Family exercises1 (pdf)

Family exercises 2 (pdf) 

Key to Family exercises 2

Will - Be going to

Read the explanation and try these ONLINE exercises ABOUT will - be going to. They are good and very useful!

Click here

Asking questions in four different tenses: Interactive Book

How do you ask a question using the verb "to be", or present simple, present continuous, past simple or maybe present perfect? If you need some practice, this is a great book to spend some time on.

Interective Book: Click here

Image result for interactive book: asking questions

Revision Unit 3 (3º ESO) UPDATED

To revise the vocabulary and grammar (Present Perfect + for/since; already, yet, still related to Unit 3...

One-star exercises

Two-star exercises

Three-star exercises

jueves, 31 de enero de 2019


Here's the mind map to do the project.

Click here to download 

Passive Voice (4th ESO) UPDATED 31 JAN

Here's the PPTx about Passive Voice (+ causative).

Click here to download